Different Types Of Hair Fibers


Hair fibers are famous among those who are suffering from hair loss problems. It’s widely known that hair loss fiber can be used with real hairs hence completely bald scalps can’t get benefit of hair fibers. Concealing the hair thinning problem is better than using any chemical based products as these chemical based products have many side effects. This hair loss fiber looks like powder but it’s not really powder. Though you can spread it like powder, these are micro fibers that look somewhat like hairs and give a natural look. These fibers won’t have any process on your scalp. They just touch your scalp without doing any process hence anyone saying they will damage your skin is not true. Fibers are thin threads just as our hairs. For making hair loss product, different types of fibers are used.

Cotton fiber

Cotton fibers are the safest hair fibers in hair fiber category. Because it’s made from cotton, there is no way of getting any side effect. These hair fibers come in category of natural fibers because they are naturally made and need no other ingredients to be added for making it. Although it needs colors to suit your hair color, dying cotton can be easier. This is how our clothes are made from cotton. Just as cotton is very soft on skin and 100% cotton clothes are highly demanded in world because they are comfortable on skin; cotton fibers are equally comfortable. Because it’s easy to color, no harmful or harsh colors are required to dye cotton fibers.

Wool fiber

Another form of natural fibers used in making hair loss fiber is wool. Wool has natural fiber features like cotton so it looks like the hairs and can be easily dyed with natural colors. Wool is a warm product. This fiber is received from animals and also useful in making fabrics. Normally, winter wears are made from this fabric.

Synthetic fiber

This is a man-made fiber. While most hair fibers are made from natural products, synthetic fibers are made from un-natural ingredients. These fibers are made to give a perfect hair look. Though they are un-natural, their look may be exactly like your hairs. While the natural fibers are very soft, synthetic fibers are strong like you hairs.

Semi-synthetic fiber

To keep the hair loss fiber natural, many semi synthetic fibers are made from natural fibers. The reason behind making semi synthetic fiber from natural fibers is to make the fibers strong. The natural fibers are very soft but many people like to have strong fibers that look exactly like hairs. However, coloring such fibers is not possible with natural hair colors hence chemical process s required for its production and dye process.

These are major type of fibers used in hair fibers. They all have different properties and give somewhat different results. Before you buy any hair fiber, check for the material used in it and what kind of fibers best suit you. If you like natural products then go for natural fibers but if you look extremely perfect look without worrying for un-natural products then synthetic fibers may work for you.


When to use hair fibers?


Best hair fiber products are available in market that can give you great look if you have bald spots or thin hairs. Hair building fiber reviews show there is no side effect associated with these fibers as they are 100% natural and need no chemical process for application. It doesn’t need any adhesive to be used on your hairs leaving your natural hairs unaffected.

When to use best hair fiber?

Hair fiber can be used when you are suffering from hair loss in some part of your scalp. It means when you have hairs on your scalp but you see some spots where hairs are thin or gone; fibers are good choice. According to hair building fiber reviews, fibers will make natural look after spread on your hairs and stick to your hairs naturally. Hence, surrounding hairs are must for using fibers.

When to avoid?

If you are completely bald or you have a big portion of scalp bald then you should not use the best hair fiber. It’s because you need hairs surrounding the space to keep the fiber powder. If there are no hairs surrounding or the bald area is large, fibers won’t stick to your scalp and you won’t get results. Hence, one should not use fibers if there s complete baldness.

Precautions before using hair fiber

There are many hair building fiber reviews saying the product caused some trouble for them. You can’t use fibers on complete bald scalp but in all other cases, fibers can be used with some precautions. These precautions are not tough to do but just important to remember.

  • Never use hair fibers on wet hairs. If your hairs are wet, fibers won’t stick on your hairs.
  • Just as water, any spray or lotion should also be avoided before using best hair fiber. You can apply them later.
  • Use right amount of hair fiber for your hairs. If you use less fiber, bald spots won’t hide. If you use huge amount of fibers, it will get unnaturally thick and look like mud. Uneven use of fibers can also cause a bad look. With one or two usages, you can understand what amount of fibers is essential for your hairs.
  • Fibers are for scalp area. Women have long hairs and may find thin tops of hairs. Hair fibers should not be used there as it won’t work well. If you get thin hair tops, it’s better to get the tops cut from time to time so you get good hairs.

These are not extreme issues. You just need dry hairs to apply hair fiber. Any styling gel or spray can be used after using fibers. Moreover, you need right amount of fibers for your hairs so you can get good results. Best hair fiber will make your hair look natural with just easy steps. There is no other product that can hide your thin hair problems so well. With one or two usages, you can know the best way to suit for your hairs.

Different hair loss concealers and How does Forila work?

does Forila work?

Hair re-grow treatments are widely available in market. These products claim growth of hairs for those who have got baldness or hair thinning problems. Researches and reviews have proven that such chemical based products are not as useful as claimed and have numerous side effects. You may definitely don’t want to use such products. It’s better to go for hair loss concealer to get rid of such side effects.

Hair loss concealer is great way to get good looks. You get instant solution to hide the bald spots or thin hairs. Different bald spot concealer products are available for those who have bald spots on their head.


One of the creative ways of hiding hair loss is lotion. Generally lotions are used as hair growth treatments but mild lotions and hair gels can be used as bald spot concealer. When lotion is used on hairs, hair get wet and set as you wish. With help of this, hair can be styled in a way they hide the thin hairs and bald scalp. Hairs near the bald scalp area will help in hiding the area. This solution will be helpful until the effect of lotion is gone. However, your hairs will look sticky.

Hair pieces

Another bald spot concealer is hair piece. If your bald spots are big, you may be unable to hide them with lotion. Hence, hair pieces are available to hide those bald spot. You may need to use adhesives for sticking these pieces in to your hair which may cause damage to your existing hairs. If you don’t get right color and size, you may get unnatural look. Apart from this, you will have to act firm while moving around and restrict yourself from rain and wind. Hair pieces are good way of hiding bald spots if they are extremely big.


When nothing works for hair, get a complete new set. Wigs work best as hair loss concealer when the scalp is extremely bald or completely bald. For people who have no hairs on head or have no hair growth in a big portion of head, wigs are only solution to hide the clean scalp. Wearing a wig of your choice can give you complete new look however, it’s an unnatural look and can’t be as good as natural hairs.

Hair fiber

The best product available in market as bald spot concealer is hair fiber. Fibers are made from cotton and 100% safe. They come in different color to match your hair color. You can use them anywhere and no adhesives are required. Once applied, you may not need to restrict yourself in any circumstances. Fibers are like powder that you need to sprinkle on your bald spots on dry hairs. When you sprinkle them, fibers will stick to your hairs without any adhesive because of its features. You get completely natural look without any damage t your existing hairs.

Hair loss concealer is better than any treatment and can be used according to your hair loss situation. For bald spots and thin hairs, fibers are best. For big bald spots, hair pieces may be helpful. For complete bald, wigs are the only solution.